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 Apologies for the long delay in writing. My cleaner is on a 6-week break, so I am becoming reacquainted with that beastly bully, housework. Not only am I supremely inefficient, but I also tend to notice all the bits she misses, so I clean extra-deep. I spent hours vacuuming under the beds, cleaning the shed, scrubbing black mold off window frames with a toothbrush…it’s exhausting.

For years I didn’t write, because all my free time seemed to be sucked up by chores. You wouldn’t know it to look at my house at that time – it was a tip. But between a demanding full-time job, cleaning, cooking, shopping, gardening, and DIY, I had no energy for anything else.

Finally, in my mid-30s, I reduced my hours to 80% full time. I then had one day a week to run errands when the shops weren’t packed, get on top of some of my chores, and also start to write again. It was wonderful. Over the next couple years I wrote a novel and a half – both pretty bad, but it was a start. Then I changed jobs and felt obliged to go back to full-time; but my husband started working from home and took over most of the cooking and shopping. Soon after that we got a cleaner, and my life began.

 Forget a Room of One’s Own – I think women need a Day of One’s Own. I propose renaming Wednesday Womensday (Woms). Pack the kids off to nursery, put down the mop, and do what you want to do for a day. See how the other half live.



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